Chick Flicking Lists and Faves

Sexist Moment on the Silver Screen: Tim Curry making his entrance in Rocky Horror Picture Show as Dr. Frank’n’Furter singing “Sweet Transvestite.” No matter your sexual preference or gender identity, if Frank doesn’t turn you on, nothing will.

Scariest Movie Ever: The Woman in Black. (See my review.)

Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude tied with The Avengers.

Favorite Movies: Star WarsLa Nuit de Varennes; Apocalypse Now; Alien; Aliens

Movie That Approved My Husband: Apocalypse Now. When he told me he loved this movie and even had the soundtrack on vinyl, I knew I was one step closer to the perfect man!! (He is perfect, BTW.)

Most Disappointing Movies: 1.) Alien 3: No, I didn’t go to an Alien movie to see Ripley threatened by rape. 2.) Plenty, which was the utter destruction of an amazing and powerful play. Nothing about this film adaptation was right. Very, very sad.

Best Reaction Shot of All Time: Sting from Plenty. Though I loathed the movie his reaction shot to a request from Meryl Streep’s character was brilliant! His face fell in four different places. Excellent!

Second Best Reaction Shot of All Time: Kerry Washington from Django Unchained. Ms. Washington’s joy before some “fireworks” began as she put her fingers in her ears was FANTASTIC!! I smile every time I think about that shot.

Cinematography That Drove Me Crazy: Crimes of the Heart: WTF? It was the first and only time in my life I wanted the cinematographer to be fired because the framing was wrong in most shots and I couldn’t see enough. I didn’t think would ever happen again until Mamma Mia, which although fun, had terrible cinematography because again, I kept wanting to see more than what the frame offered. While watching Mamma Mia I kept thinking “It’s like watching Crimes of the Heart!”

Movie Hubby & I & Friends Hated: How the Grinch Stole Christmas – the Jim Carrey. I LOVE the original 30 minute cartoon so I was so excited to see this adaptation. We all hated it, wanted our money back, and Hubby said something about sucking that I will not repeat here. There might be children, you know.

Most Like Star Wars In That We Felt Something Big Had Happened In Cinema: Avatar. After seeing the amazing Avatar, my friend looked at me and Hubby and said that it had been like watching Star Wars because we had seen something new in the movies.

Best Journalist Movie: All the President’s Men. There is no other in my opinion. In fact, I get really really tired of journalists being shown as bad people, especially women journalists. *raspberry* I know that there are bad press people, read most of the nonsense in the grocery store line, however a free press and good journalists ensure our liberties. So huzzah!!!! Also a great story on protecting your source. Note that decades later Deep Throat was revealed. Here is an article about Deep Throat fittingly published in the Washington Post. Don’t understand what I just wrote? Go watch the movie and read the book. And then be glad we do live in our great nation. 🙂

Best Whedonesque Styled Movie: Jennifer’s Body. OMG! It’s like watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer again! Joy! Diablo Cody (writer) and Karen Kusama (director) sure do know how to invoke the power of Whedon and create a feminist styled comedy horror with biting rough female humor. I know when I saw it in the theaters I was so happy to have a Whedon moment. Oh and Whedon refers to Joss Whedon and if you don’t know who he is, go find out now. 🙂 Google Search Results.

Best Movie Poster Lines: You know, those wonderful one liners, sometimes more, on movie posters that pique your interest and help make you want to see the movie. They can also hint what the movie is about and/or what to expect.

  1. The Stunt Man: “If God could do the things we can do, he’d be a happy man.” What else would an ego-maniacal director say?
  2. Alien: “In space, no one can hear your scream.” This is both a scientific fact and sums up the movie perfectly.
  3. Aliens: “This time it’s war.” Yes, yes yes it is.
  4. The Avengers: “Assemble.” That teaser poster with that one word STILL gives me chills. Love it.

Best Bromance on TV: McGarrett and Danno from the rebooted Hawaii Five-0. These two have the PERFECT bromance: Snark, Humor, Support, and Education. The characters help each other grow and perform their jobs. Best scenes are when they are in the car. The bickering and nagging will make you laugh. And the two characters know they are better with each other than without. McGarrett is more mature about relationships; Danno totally understands being paternal. At one point, when Danno has saved McGarrett’s life, he points to his eyes, makes a heart sign over his chest, and then points at McGarrett. “I Love You.” I love them both. This relationship gives the show a huge dollop of icing on the cakes.

Best Sromance on TV: Wow. This is tough. I think my favorite has to be Holmes and Watson from Elementary (review here). I like how Watson keeps Holmes in line and Holmes helps Watson see the world through the eyes of a detective. Very cool and fun. However I must tip my hat to Broadchurch (TV Snippet here), the BBC mini-series that inspired me to coin the phrase sromance. Always will I be appreciative of this show.

Best Love Scene: The Last of the Mohicans. The scene between Hawkeye (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and Cora Munro (played by Madeleine Stowe) is the most passionate love scene you will ever see. And the amazing part? They do not take off any of their clothing. The passion is portrayed by the intensity of feeling performed by both actors. The music is passionate and powerful as well. Frankly, other love scenes should follow this example: Great acting with clothes on is hot.

Best Erotic Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive. In this movie, erotic and sexy are portrayed by the actors looking at each other. The simple sound of breathing conveys love and desire in this movie. I think the whole film is one great love scene. As stated in my review future film makers take note! This is how eroticism is done!

Best Vampire Movie: Only Lovers Left Alive (again). This ain’t no sparkly, stalkery, sexist, sttupid stuff. This is a movie about art, beauty, immortality, and vampires looking at it all.  This is a movie for adults and I like it that way.

Best Vampire Book: Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Hands down, no competition, take no prisoners winner. This is a FANTASTIC book and will always been one of my favorites. In fact I reviewed it here: Book Review: “Sunshine”.

Movie Moments That Always Make Me Cry: Yes there are moments in movies that always make me cry. So check these out and see what you think. Add your own too.

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird: as Atticus Finch walks out of the courtroom after losing his case because of racism, one of the black members of the community, relegated to the balcony because of previously mentioned racism, looks at Atticus’ daughter and says “Miss Jean-Louise, Miss Jean-Louise stand-up. Your father’s passin’.” Please note that all of the black members of the community stood up for Attitcus.
  2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: {*SPOILER ALERT*} When E.T. “dies”.
  3. Secretariat: This movie is about the incredible race horse named Secretariat. Eddie, Secretariat’s handler, finds an empty feed bucket in the morning of a big race in Secretariat’s stall. The big red horse had been ill and hadn’t eaten in a while, which was rare for him as Secretariat LOVED to eat. Eddie watches as Secretariat begins to eat another bucket of feed. He then walks out as the sun rises on the Kentucky green and says “Hey Kentucky. Big ole Red done ate his breakfast this morning! And you about to see something that you ain’t never even seen before! So get ready.” This was beautifully delivered by Nelsan Ellis. You can hear a bit of that line in the trailer (see below starting at 2:16) or better yet, watch the movie. You will hear the whole thing at one hour and 22 minutes into the movie. Worth it. If you have ever loved a horse you will understand this line.

Best Headdesk: This goes to the character of Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson, starting in season 8 of Dr. Who. His headdesk is so good he got to do it in two separate episodes. I hope he gets to do it again. You can see a bit here in this vid though it doesn’t do it justice with the music in the background. Seriously. The Best Headdesk Evar.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading your reviews. Being married, my wife gets equal (or more) say about what we watch. The funniest movie we’ve seen for a long time is ‘The Heat’ with Sandra Bullock. ~ Dennis

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