The Horrorible Reviews

Hello Friends! Ms. Mildred will be sharing some great reviews with us so I figured she needed her own page.

Mildred is a horror fan and even runs a listserv to prove it! She is also an expert on the subject of zombies and loves Joss Whedon almost as much as I do.

Here is Mildred introducing herself in her own words:

“My name is Mildred and I enjoy zombies.  If that sounds like I’m introducing myself at the local Zombie Anonymous meeting, you couldn’t be more wrong.  They’re my favorite monster and I love watching zombie movies and reading zombie books.  For a while, I even tweeted zombie haikus. (Zombie575)

There are other kinds of films I love, but these are my favorites.”

Expect Mildred to be in charge of Monday with Mildred – as her posts are great readings for starting your week off on Monday – and Zombie World Tour – where she reviews zombie movies from around the world.

Now when you see a “Horrorible Review” you will know Mildred wrote it and it will be, usually, focused on horror.

CFR is glad to have you, Mildred!

Mildred's picture

Mildred found this image and emailed it to M. They both laughed and M. said it should be on Mildred’s page. She agreed and now it is.

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