Good News: Some Thankful Things Here!

Hello All! I hope you are totally enjoying your Thanksgiving 2014. 🙂 I am either cooking, cleaning, stuffing my face, or sleeping. It’s a good day.

Now a few things have come out in the media and to my attention and I am soooo happy about them I MUST share! So here goes:

To Begin:

 Ming-Na Wen. I love this woman from Agents of SHIELD – she is the best! On her Facebook page she posted a fabulous video of herself in Vegas. Hope the direct link works. Enjoy!

Ming-Na Wen in Nerd shirt.

Ming-Na Wen is not afraid to be a NERD! Huzzah!


Sleepy Hollow Has A Podcast: SleepyCast. OMG I must get caught up!!!! This is especially good since I missed a lot on Monday night. Thanks Nerdist for hosting this. 🙂

Sleepy Hollow TV Poster

I love this show!


Cate Blanchet knows how to support her sister actor Emma Watson: Cate Blanchett Says She’s ‘So F–king Proud’ Of Emma Watson’s UN Speech. We here at CFR f–king agree with you both. 🙂

Emma and Cate.

Emma Watson and Cate Blanchett both ROCK.


The Legend of Korra will be returning to TV and not just be shown online: THE LEGEND OF KORRA to Return to TV. Good. ‘Cause I missed season 3 *sob* and as far as I know the DVD isn’t out yet. Thanks for letting us know Nerdist and thanks for putting it back on the air Nickelodeon.

Legend of Korra characters being awesome as usual.

Legend of Korra characters are just fun.


Pajiba says it all in Our Very Thoughtful Response to Steven Moffat Hiring the First Female ‘Doctor Who’ Writer in 6 Years.

Dr. Who logo

Dr. Who logo. Love me the Tardis.

Best for Last:

HOLY SPIRIT OF GOODNESS YOU CAN FINALLY GET SUNSHINE BY ROBIN MCKINLEY ON EBOOK!  Yes folks The BEST Vampire Book Ever Written, Sunshine by Robin McKinley, is now, FINALLY, in ebook format!!! I have been writing to the publisher for years requesting that this happen. Yes of course I bought it and downloaded it to my Samsung Nook and yes I have started reading it – again. Hallelujah! Check it out here, download, and ENJOY! Oh and you can get other wonderful Robin McKinley books here as well – Thanks to Open Road Integrated Media.

Cover of Open Road Media's ebook version of Sunshine by Robin McKinley.

CFR says THIS is THE BEST cover for Sunshine too!

Oh and don’t forget about Wonder Woman. 🙂

Have A Great Holiday!

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