What is Sromance?

Hello Dear Readers!

It all started with this post: TV Snippet: The Broadchurch Sromance.  Yes, as I was watching the TV show Broadchurch I realized that the two leads, a man and a woman, talked like two men who are in an on screen bromance. Hence the new term: Sromance.

Sromance is between a man and a woman where there is love of a friendship/sibling kind. No sexual tension – thank you very much. It is a relationship where the characters can be annoyed by each other, poke at each other, and learn from each other.

This sromance also appears in the TV show Elementary (review here). Now that I am aware of them, I hope to see more. I am very sick and tired of women and men being on the screen for purely sexual reasons. Enough!! There is more to relationships between human beings that the narrowly prescribed ones our culture has given us.

Let’s here it for more friendships! More bromance, more sromance, and more sismance which would be bromance between two women. 🙂

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