E.C. – A View From Italy

E.C. – A View From Italy

I LOVE the Web. I get to have this wonderful blog AND make great friends from around the world. So now I get to introduce you to E.C. an Italian Facebook buddy who LOVES movies and TV too. He loves kick butt women action stars – so obviously we are friends!! I don’t remember how I met him but we keep up to date on movies and TV via Facebook Messenger. (I really wish I was a faster text typer.)

I too am Italian. Three of my grandparents came off the boat from Italy. It is fun to talk with him about Italy and Italian culture. I learn a lot.

I will be sharing some of his thoughts about film and TV with you. They are fun to read. He is a good person and I am glad to share his ideas with you.

Yes he is living in Italy where COVID-19 is very serious. He will share when he can about his life, currently living in Northern Italy. If you want to know more about Italy, check the Web and Italian news sources.

I feel the need to have a graphic for this page so here are some Italian images I got from good old Wikipedia – National Symbols of Italy

Cockade of ItalyEmblem of Italy Flag of Italy