Definition of Chick Flick

So what is a chick flick?

Ask anyone in the general USA public and they will tell you, usually with eyes rolling, that it is some silly romantic comedy where the main character is a woman and she find a man and falls in love and gets  married. Hooray!

Yeah, right.

Look the above description and cultural belief is stemmed in a lot of sexist and heterosexist nonsense. I’ll get into those later, but trust me they exist. Probably why I really hate rom coms. Please note that my hubby loves them.

So you might ask me, what is your definition of a chick flick? Simple. 300. Oh yeah. 300. 🙂

Now you might be thinking “What?” Oh fret not, of course I’ll explain.

See in 300 there are many gorgeous, sexy, buffed, and ripped men running around and doing many acrobatic moves in the fight scenes wearing nothing but red leather briefs. Red leather briefs. (Just typing this is well, gratifying. ;))

My story/chick flick explanation about seeing 300 is this:  Every heterosexual woman watching this movie called her heterosexual girlfriends on her cell phone and said “Get here now. Now. And bring ice. A lot of ice. Oh. My. God. Gotta go. The Persian King is coming. So am I.” Now for the lesbian friends, Lena Headley kicks butt, takes name, and saves the day so enjoy! Gay men, this is so for you! Bisexuals, well, this movie is your oyster.

Now granted people get nervous when they hear my above story of 300. Yes they do laugh – cause hey it is funny – but they also get nervous. Why? ‘Cause a woman talked about being turned on by some men in a movie. Holy Toledo Blades that makes the sexist culture FREAK OUT! Women aren’t supposed to be visually turned on by men. Men get to be turned on visually by women. I mean, if we agree on the FACT that women, or at least some of them, are turned on by men, then men have to see themselves as well, OMG objects! (Uh no, but our culture has a long way to go when it comes to positive sexuality.)

Look, none of the men in 300, or any movie for that matter, are as wonderful, hot, gorgeous, strong, sexy, smart, or just as PERFECT as my hubby Scott. I married the best. 🙂 However it still makes people nervous to hear about women being turned on. This is a big cultural hot spot. Our culture says only men are allowed to be turned on visually by a movie. Hence the term “male gaze.” Wrong! All humans, irregardless of sexual or gender orientation, have the ability to be turned on visually. Deal with it.

I happen to like, no LOVE, action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, dramas, and horror movies. And yes, on occasion, I like a rom-com (hubby picks them out.) So what is a chick flick? A good movie. End of story. Women like it, men like it, transgender people like it. It’s just good. Whether fun or sad or action-packed or scares you to pieces, it is good. Or at least you had fun watching it.

So here are my reviews and view about movies – plus a little pop culture discussion. And of course movies!

Oh and all of the Matrix movies are chick flicks as well. I mean Trinity kicks a$$!

September 14, 2013 Edit: Kristin Stewart agrees: Action Is Chick Flick!

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