TV Snippet: The Broadchurch Sromance

BBC America is showing the murder mystery Broadchurch. This took England by storm and garnered a huge fan base. For obvious reasons: It is darn good on all levels, acting, writing, scenery, you name it. Top notch in all ways.

Now what I realized tonight as I was re-watching the show on my beloved TiVo.* As I watched the episode I listened carefully the barb laden dialogue that occurs between the two leads Detective Inspector Alec Hardy played by David Tennant and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller played by Olivia Colman.   The two characters came together under very difficult circumstances and they don’t get along. Well they don’t get along all of the time. They are both smart and competent police officers. However D.I. Hardy has no people skills and D.S. Miller has lots. Plus Broadchurch is a small community where Hardy is the newcomer and Miller is a loved member. So the two officers butt heads often on suspects.

So, again, as I watched and listened to these two talk I realized this: If this conversation was between two men it would be called a bromance. The conversations are reminiscent of McGarrett and Danno on Hawaii Five-0. It is the classic bromance set-up of two people who don’t operate the same way but can still work together – and end up respecting each other. So Huzzah to Broadchurch! There’s a bromance between a man and a woman that is NOT romantic and is fun to watch. In honor of this occurrence I shall dub a bromance between opposite sexes as a “sromance.”

Know it, use it, love it. And watch Broadchurch.

*That’s right beloved. I LOVE TiVo!!! I have three.

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