Tammy B Blunck Reviews

Everyone say hello to Tammy Blunck and her Reviews!

Mildred and I have a wonderful friend who makes us laugh and so far never cry. (Though there was that one time with the broom but I digress.) We mentioned to her that she should write reviews for this site and asked her what she thought of the last movie she saw. She had seen Passengers and her post should be visible.

We are looking forward to Tammy’s Blunck, i.e., short and blunt, reviews to grace this Website often.

I don’t have a picture of Tammy so I am using the picture of my dog Daisy. Tammy is a wonderful dog groomer and the picture is of Daisy after I rescued her and Tammy fixed her up. People say it is Daisy’s pin up pose.

Photo of dog after Tammy's groomed her.

Daisy after her first grooming, looking all special and glamorous.