Hello! I’m M. Lion – aka CFR* – and I love movies – along with TV and books and media in general. I’ve wanted to write about and review movies for a long time. So here it is. I’m finally doing Chick Flicking Reviews and using WordPress. Cool. 🙂

I use the term chick flicking ’cause that’s what I think of when I watch movies and I’m also analyzing them. 🙂

Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

-M. Lion aka CFR – Chick Flicking Reviews.

Marking birthdays for Geeks picture

This is so me. It is exactly how I feel. I should have made it my birthday card.

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  1. Thanks for the followback! I’m glad I happened to find this blog. I love reading other people’s perspective on movies. I’m excited to poke around a little xD

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