Movie Review: “The Heat”

  • OVERALL:  OMG LOVE!!!!! I laughed so hard my face hurt. 
  • POINTS: Well let’s see, IT’S A COP BUDDY MOVIE WITH WOMEN THAT MADE ME LAUGH TILL MY FACE ACHED! Plus it had Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy with director Paul Feig from “Bridesmaids.” So much to love. 🙂 Plus the end credit animation was beautiful. Oh and thesoundtrack was GREAT!
  • PITFALLS: See Cultural Pitfalls below.
  • FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh good grief YES! It was fun watching Bullock and McCarthy, as Ashburn and Mullins, bond together over finding bad guys, dealing with bosses/office politics, saving family, and generally discovering that they like sticking up for each other. Plus Bullock and McCarthy have great chemistry and timing together. They play well off of each other; a lovely mixture of timing and tone. Like I wrote before, I laughed to hard my face ached when the movie was over.
  • CULTURAL PITFALL(S):  1) Bullock’s “Fool” Character.  I’ve seen this before. In the “Miss Congeniality” movies where her law enforcement character is stuff and gets made fun of in the movie. I’m a bit tired of this. Probably because i like to see women as professionals and I get tired of the sexism implied in them being made fun of and shown as not able to get along with “the guys.” I could do without that. Though it was also nice to see Bullock’s boss honor her as a good employee and give her some support. 2) Dissing the Black Guy. There is really only one black person in the movie and that is Levy played by Marion Wayans. At first he is brushed off and treated rudely by both Ashburn and Mullins, but mostly by Ashburn. However there was a nice scene where he did tell Ashburn to treat him better and she did. Then at the end he got to strut a bit and look cool. So that disappointment got some resolution. Though why it was there in the first place is kinda beyond me. 
  • BECHDEL TEST (Website): Obviously 3 of 3. In fact, only a few conversations were about men in a romantic way. The vast majority of the conversations are about the case and working and guns. Schweet!
  • OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  The Heat Official Movie Site. (Note: music plays in the background of the site so be sure you have your volume muted if in a public place.)
  • DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! I can’t wait for it to come out and have a movie party!!
  •  LION PAW PRINTS: 4 of 5. Oh so good.

Hubby’s Notes: He loved this movie too and laughed out loud as well. Nothing is better than my husband’s laugh, BTW. So we so need to see this again. And again. 🙂


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