TV Review: “Elementary”

OVERALL: Love, love, love, love, love this show. I look forward to watching it every week.

POINTS: Oh goodness I had such high hopes for this show and I am glad I was not disappointed. 🙂   Plus there is also a good old “sromance” (my term) between Holmes and Watson that is just delicious. Keep it coming people! Also in the versions of Sherlock that I have seen, Holmes is stuck in a juvenile overly intellectual state. He’s smarter than everybody and is quite insufferable about it. I would argue that Holmes intelligence is intellectual. He has no emotional or social intelligence and thus I find him an idiot and seriously lacking. (I feel the same way about House, BTW.) No, I do not prize intellectual intelligence over emotional or social. So I do enjoy when in Elementary, Sherlock has to do a bit of evaluation of himself and take in new information. So he is forced to change and grow just like all of the other characters around him. Excellent!

PITFALLS: Where is Ms. Hudson? (See More Links > Character List below.) We saw her in one episode and now she is gone! NO!!! We need her!! Especially since a steady transgender character on the TV screen would ROCK!. 🙂

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): A  Oh Watson. Watson, Watson, Watson. How I love thee! So perfectly portrayed by Lucy Liu. Now yes I am a HUGE Lucy Liu fan so if she is in it .

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): None. Like Sleep Hollow this show is MULTICULTURAL!!!! Black and yellow people are regulars along with the white counterparts. Squee!!!

One pitfall I have is with the fanbase who wanted to slam this show because it isn’t the BBC series Sherlock. I’ve seen memes expressing anger that a TV show would have not only a woman Watson but it has the nerve to NOT be Sherlock. Oh grow-up. This isn’t a contest people. One isn’t better than the other. Nor does one have to be better than the other in order for both of them to be liked and respected. They are both good shows. ‘Nuff said. Now chill.

HIGH POINT(S): 1. Lucy Liu as Watson. 2. Woman Watson!!! 3. Watson doesn’t take cr*p from Holmes and puts him in his place. FINALLY!!! 4. Johnny Lee Miller as Holmes! He gives the character new depths – AND his character gets to learn. Hooray!!!

BECHDEL TEST (Website):  3 of 3. Hooray! Granted this may not happen every time, but there are times in the show when the women get to talk to each other about things other than Sherlock. Plus Watson is just cool.

IMDB: Elementary (2012 – )

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Elementary on CBS  More Links: Elementary YouTube Channel |

Favorite Sherlock & Watson Meme | Character List

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes! In fact I’m thinking of going to buy it today….

LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. I really love this show. I watch it twice in a row I enjoy it so much.

Elementary TV Show poster

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