Good News: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

I LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday and if every week could have Halloween in it, I think the world would be a better place. So below I have created a list of fun media and things to enjoy on this great day.


Zombies vs. Grad Students. This gem from PHD Comics says it all. Trust me, I’m an academic, I’ve been a grad student, and I so understand. It also makes me laugh.

Zombies vs. Graduate Students from PHD Comcis

Zombies vs. Graduate Students from PHD Comics


For some good scares/thrills I suggest:

  1. The Ring. Squee!!! If this movie doesn’t make you jump a few times well you are made of heartier stuff than I. Plus it is well made and a very cool story.
  2. Jennifer’s Body. Funny, scary, just plain good. Love it.!!

My wonderful husband suggests:

  1. The Thing – Original. He likes the others as well.
  2. Re-animator. He thinks it is one of the scariest he has ever seen.
  3. Halloween – Original.
  4. Nightmare on Elm Street – Original.
  5. Se7en. He told me the ending was so tense for him, he almost had to leave the theater.
  6. Alien and Aliens. I love my husband!!!
  7. Carrie – Original. Though we both liked the remake.
  8. The Shining – Original Movie. We also enjoyed the TV mini-series.
  9. Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Going Old School.
  10. Insidious. Yup.
  11. Oculus.

Movies we agreed upon individually without consulting one another:

  1. Crimson Peak. Ok, ok, so it isn’t a traditional horror flick but it is beautiful and it will make you jump in your seats. I so want to see this in theater again. Did I mention it is beautiful?
  2. The Exorcist. Wow. I love this movie. The terror creeps up on you. It is well made and a classic for a reason. Just watch.
  3. The Woman in Black. I still have to cover my eyes when I watch this. It is the scariest movie I have seen so far. Plus Hubby also rates it the scariest movie as I had ever seen due to the pain I caused him while watching the movie. We hold hands during movies and when the movie is scary I will squeeze and or jerk his hand really hard. For Woman in Black Hubby said he had to remove his wedding ring. He said he got 12 painful squeezes. I reminded him that I had covered my eyes for 20 minutes of the movie so his pain level was down. He was grateful. See CFR Review.


For some good laughs/chuckles from Web shorts, I suggest:

  1. Hell No. This. I love it. I watch it often and it just makes me happy.
  2. If horror movies were realistic…. O.M.G. I love this so much I have to embed it so I can be sure you will see it. Logan Paul and team did a great job. I love all of their reactions. I love the woman who comes out with a box and helps with the beat down. I LOVE IT! Oh and the guy screaming with the gun? That would so be me.


In Nashville, Indiana the Brown County Playhouse likes to show the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a costume contest before hand. YAY! Hubby, friend Verna, and myself will be there. You all are welcome to join us. I mean what is better than Tim Curry singing “Sweet Transvestite”? Nothing. (See Chick Flicking Lists and Faves – Sexiest Moment on the Silver Screen.) It starts at 10pm with a Costume Contest beforehand!!! This is so exciting I have to post their write-up:

October 31, 2015 · 10:00 pm

Celebrate Halloween at the Playhouse with the 2nd annual showing of this legendary cult movie – the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Beer, wine, Jello Shots, Bloody Mary’s and Pizza will be available for purchase in auditorium. Register for the costume contest by 9:30 pm, parade & judging begins at 9:45 pm. Authorized prop bags – $5. Movie show time – 10 pm, door prize & costume winner announcements after the movie. 50% off Coke products & water for wrist-banded designated drivers! Rated R.

Tickets: $10. Purchase Here.

So for goodness sakes JOIN US! It will be a wonderful night.

Brown County Playhouse - Rocky Horror Picture Show Webpage write-up.

Brown County Playhouse Shows the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Halloween. Good times.


Costumes and Candy. Remember the best part about Halloween is dressing-up and getting candy. Or dressing-up and giving candy – as I like to do now. So do it! Plus remember that on November 1st, Halloween candy goes on half price so you can really gorge yourself. Wow. I actually wrote that.

Don’t forget the Brown County Playhouse Rocky Horror Picture Show. 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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