Movie Snippet: “Hell No”

So this short, independent movie – Hell No – is THE movie I wish I had made with my friends. Or financed. Or made lattes for the cast and crew during filming. In short, I bow to the awesome of this flick.


Because it is a horror movie with intelligent characters who make good decisions and use critical thinking. Plus, OMG, someone finally uses a gun!!!!! But why am I taking up your time. Yes you could read more about why I love this movie but nonsense! Watch it!!! It is less than 4 minutes long and I guarantee you will love it. That’s why I embedded it. (Ok, yes it also means I get to easily watch it whenever I want.) Plus check out the About link so you can see all of the credits to honor the people who made this. This is so 5 for 5 in Lion Paw Prints. 🙂

Oh and NSFW in an R-Rated way.


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