Trailer Tuesday: “Justice League: The Snyder Cut (Again)”

Zach Snyder's Justice League HBO promo

Justice League: The Snyder Cut (Again)

So I had originally written about the JOY of the Justice League: Snyder Cut coming to the world here Trailer Tuesday: “Justice League Snyder Cut”. However that video was taken down. *cry* However a new and probably way more official (is that even a thing) version is up and so now we do the happy dance again!


The Official Zach Snyder’s Justice League trailer is here!!! And oh my way to go Zach! I do not know if you intentionally chose the music to say you are BACK, but that is one way I interpret it.


Because we fans wanted this movie so badly. I’m glad that Snyder is taking back his property and reclaiming his territory. The man’s work is best when he is allowed to run long. I stated this in Media Thoughts: “Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition”. Producers can be limited in their thinking and I think we shall see that in this version. No time limitations, just out and out awesome film making. Oh HBO you are going to make so much money. I don’t know who the genius was that pushed to make this happen but please give them a huge raise and change to be adored by us fans.


I believe from interviews I have seen and articles I have read that the actors are very happy for THIS version of the movie to be seen. This is what they signed up for and what they worked on. I think their enthusiasm for the project will lead to some wonderful interviews.

You can watch the trailer in full color and/or black and white.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Snyder Cut NEW Trailer (2021)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Black And White Trailer | HBO MAX 2021 4k Ultra HD


Good job, Zach. Well done, HBO.



Zach Snyder's Justice League poster in black and white

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