Media Thoughts: “Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition”

Battman v Superman Ultimate Edition DVD/Blu-Ray cover

Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition

I knew I would buy Batman v Superman because I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t great but I enjoyed it – see review. So when I went into the store and decided to check out the DVDs I was happy to see this package. I LOVE extended/director’s cut versions and oooooo the advertisement said 30 more minutes! Now part of me did think that 30 minutes could be a bad idea as it could drag out longer than it already did. But I bought it, put the disc in, and hubby and I prepared for some entertainment.

Wow. That extra 30 minutes made a HUGE difference.

First, I didn’t believe I watched the Ultimate Edition because the movie flowed so much better. It was a better movie! It made sense, flowed, had beautiful time, characters and plot had better build-up and reveals. In fact, I couldn’t see the added scenes because it was so perfect! Perfect! It even passed The Bechdel Test!! Watch the Ultimate Edition people because that is the movie you wanted to see in the theaters. Which brings me to another point. This is directed towards producers.

Let movies be longer.

Look, BvS suffered from choppy editing. The movie didn’t flow because it needed that extra 30 minutes. Did you not learn from the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Movies can be 3 hours long  AND make lots of money!!! BvS would so have benefited from the theatrical version being the ultimate edition. The reviews would have been better, fans would have been happier, and you would have  made more money.

Just do it.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Trailer


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