Trailer Tuesday: “Justice League Snyder Cut”

Justice League Snyder Cut logo

Justice League Snyder Cut

So I’m going through the new movie trailers out there. Which, BTW, is tough, die COVID-19 die, because well, movie theaters much? So even though movies are now premiering in the safety of your own home – and way better popcorn – trailers are still out there. Good. I like them. So like wow, as I look for movie trailers to devour I stumble across the Justice League Snyder Cut.

Wait, what?

You mean we might get the longer, which for Snyder always means better, version of the Justice League?!?! Apparently HBO is helping out and yes this longer version will finally reach the eyes of the fans in 2021. So HOORAY! As I said about the ultimate version of Batman vs. Superman, let movies be as long as they need to be. Especially the comic book movies. We fans will be there. If we like it, we will go again. And again. And probably again. Then we will buy the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital copies along with other fan mementos. So, GIVE US OUR MOVIES! I You will make your money.

I’m really looking forward watching this. I just might throw a party. Hubby makes great popcorn.

Justice League Snyder Cut (2021) Official Trailer | HBO Max

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