Trailer Tuesday: “The Green Knight”

The Green Knight movie poster

The Green Knight

Ever since I read The Once and Future King by T.H. White I’ve loved Arthurian stories. In fact, that will always be my Arthurian story book. Through the years I have read about Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and of course, the Green Knight.

In this trailer the Green Knight looks like the earthy influences I have read about. I’m rooting for the big green guy. I also really like the raw and non-pretty look of the movie. Looks “authentic” rather than “sanitized.”

However the trailer is also very creepy. Oh and the opening words make me think “honor is a social construct that is not always just” and “well actually killing everyone in sight is what makes you king” but I am a modern woman. I may love Arthur but I love constitutional republics more.

Back to the creepy: The music is very unsettling. So are some of the shots. I’m not sure what this movie will show us, but but the looks of the trailer, it will be a whole new take on Arthurian stories.

I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Only one question: if the movie is about the Green Knight, why is the poster so red?

THE GREEN KNIGHT Trailer (2020)


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