Trailer Tuesday: “Wonder Woman 1984”

Wonder Woman 1984 golden armor poster

Wonder Woman 1984

Ah, Wonder Woman. She has been so important to so many of us. The first Wonder Woman movie, directed by the fabulous director, Patty Jenkins, soared. I was so worried that I would not like the movie. I was so happy to be wrong. When my heart feels full, I know it is a good and satisfying movie.

So it is no surprised I am incredibly excited for the sequel Wonder Woman 1984. I have watched the trailer many, many times (OMG THE MUSIC), and have shared with everyone who will let me. I laugh because I remember the ’80s but not too fondly.

Let me share this wonderful, exciting trailer with you:

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer

Due to COVID-19, Wonder Woman 1984 has been moved from a June opening date to August 14, 2020. Seeing that date gives me hope. I want to be there for you, Diana. Can’t wait!


Wonder Woman 1984, original movie poster with June 2020 opening date


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