A View From Italy: “Demi Moore, Physical Transformations, & Strong Women”

G.I. Jane movie poster

Demi Moore, Physical Transformations, & Strong Women


Hello! My Facebook buddy E.C., A View From Italy writer, and I had a discussion about Demi Moore and her physical transformation in G.I. Jane, which also touched on women in cinema. E.C. has seen this movie several times and praised Demi for her workout. We got to talking and after many exchanges, I decided his appreciation of Demi Moore needed to be shared. Yes, she is beautiful – and so much more.

The below post talks about actor physical transformation, changing views as a man, and appreciation of strong women.

If there is anything that doesn’t read right or sound funny, please blame me. This was taken from conversations in Facebook Messenger.


I like Demi Moore and all her ‘strong’ characters. That’s why Demi Moore was a very interesting choice in G.I. Jane and Striptease.

I am thinking to how I considered these movies – Alien and Thelma and Louise – when they were done.  I can’t remember Alien, since I was born in 1978. About Thelma and Louise, I was a kid. I never considered the possibility of 2 women doing that kind of revolution.  I considered it a ridiculous movie, not good when trying to watch.  Typical young male point of view in early 90s. But I changed opinion growing up.

G.I. Jane, I think, can be remembered more for a Demi Moore great role than as a Ridley Scott movie. We could talk a lot about Demi Moore’s personality in the cinema. The idea of a woman joining the most male dominated world: the American Marines. The idea was great, but the movie, and not only for me, wasn’t so great.

Demi Moore was the right actress, that’s for sure. G.I. Jane, comparing with was I said about Alien and Thelma and Louise women characters, represented something much more physical, but also a politic and society battle of women. G.I. Jane has a strong picture story: To synthesize the biggest desire of a woman to be a marine: Demi Moore skin head.

Director Ridley Scott talking to Demi Moore on the set of G.I. Jane.

Director Ridley Scott talking to Demi Moore on the set of G.I. Jane.

It had a strong impact in my opinion, especially for the amazing Demi transformation. The question is also another, the way Demi tries to shock the male dominated world: She does it, acting like a man, talking like a man, and also looking like a man (skin head).

After being so pride of her transformation and her movie, she did another movie, soon after G.I. Jane, which was Striptease. I am sure I don’t need to talk about it because you know it. How can we say this? Demi in these movies showed a woman who changed her body and is proud to show it.

So that’s why Demi Moore is so very interesting in G.I. Jane and Striptease.

I like very much fitness and body building and I remember well when G.I. Jane was done. They talked a lot about Demi’s physical transformation. Very hard months of gym training with weights, and protein supplements. In an era where girls with a little bit of muscle were considered men, she was very brave. Demi is a woman with a strong personality. She built an extraordinary but FEMININE muscular body to make a role of a female marine kicking ass to all prejudices. And what she does after??? A movie about a stripper! Ha ha!  Demi is a a woman who OWNS the mind of men with her sensuality and athletic new body. She developed the body of a fitness female athlete, in some months. It was impressive. Maybe she could really do some other movie in that periodwhen they say ‘strong is the new feminine’. Surely Demi Moore was a great inspiration for this new kind of woman. A woman who changed her body and was proud to show it. She did really a great job. Just look at her back!

Demi Moore in black evening gown.

Demi Moore in black evening gown and amazing back muscles.

She worked out also for the definition. This is not easy, believe me. Ok, so she worked for this for many months with personal trainers every day, since the producers can pay much money for everything. It is still amazing. And not being satisfied with making only G.I. Jane, she went and made Striptease. Even went on David Letterman.  It was amazing fun and I laughed.
Demi Moore on David Letterman Show promoting Striptease.

Demi Moore on David Letterman Show promoting Striptease.

This pic of Demi represent very well the state of her body. Very muscular, but not masculine. Of course all can have a different opinion, but believe me, with years of work-out I would love to reach at those hamstring shape. It is so amazing. That’s why i think she did an excellent job.
Demi Moore striptease.

In the last years, this stereotype changed a lot. I’m thinking about a Charlize Theron interview, about Atomic Blonde. Now the women need to do action movies fighting like women, not trying to imitate men.

I am a fitness fan. I also have many friends, girls from South America especially who are fitness addicts. I know how to appreciate the changes in a body. Men and women can do a lot, with fitness. And how this is related to Demi Moore?

Well, is related basically to many movies and the whole job of actors. Many physical transformations were so famous and appreciated to win an Oscar. Especially because in the past, with less special effects, less computer and less instruments for make up, actors really had to change their bodies. Examples: Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull. In Italian the movie is Toro Scatenato. Masterpiece. DeNiro drank tons of beer for months to gain the weight, for Jake La Motta fat. If we appreciate and like men’s transformations for the movies, why not appreciate female ones? Independently from how we like, or how we prefer Demi Moore’s body, nobody can’t deny she did a great job.

The point that I want to transmit to you my and I want your opinion, is that many women fight to be considered apart from their sexuality. Demi Moore gained muscles… (muscle women are considered not feminine). She did a movie where she is better than men in the marine corp. So i think all the women were loving her and then what she does after?? A striptease dancer. The symbol of sexual object of men… a job that is considered humiliating for many women. What do u think about it?

CFR: In Response: I think go Demi. The character in Striptease was shown as a fully realized person, not a sex object. Good. Also, you BET women should be honored for their physical transformations the same as men. Wow. This had never occurred to me before. Bravo my friend!
In General:
Reference Demi Moore: 

G.I. Jane (Soldato Jane), Ridley Scott – Demi Moore – Official Trailer

Striptease 1996 Trailer HD | Demi Moore | Burt Reynolds


CFR: In Addition:  I agree with you E.C. – Demi Moore rocked out her transformation and good for her! To quote Gloria Steinem “I think women should wear whatever the f**k they want.” Go Demi Go!

Second Note: After E.C. reads this I will probably make changes to better capture his thoughts. -CFR

2 responses to “A View From Italy: “Demi Moore, Physical Transformations, & Strong Women”

  1. Demi will never have the talent for acting like Meryl Streep, but I think it was ungenerous that she had just a Razzie Award for the worst female actress for these movies… but is nice to remember all the cinema world spoke about her and about the socio-politic question her characters aroused.

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