Horrorible Review: “Zombie Road Trilogy”

Zombie Road Trilogy book covers

Zombie Road Trilogy

You know that I have to go back to my roots now and then, and that means fun zombie fiction. You have to be able to let go of your normal expectations of fiction when the topic is zombies, sometimes reading stories that are insultingly bad and at the same time a load of fun. Day by Day Armageddon comes to mind, which was really badly written, sexist and an obvious Military Mary Sue, but is still one of my favorites. Also in that vein are the As the World Dies novels by Rhiannon Frater, which are emotional roller coasters with a large and diverse cast and some truly bad dialogue and constant hair talk, but I love them anyway.

The Zombie Road books have the requisite cool and different setting, and a typical concentration on one type of hero. Zombie writers tend to pick a type of person they consider the most qualified for or deserving of survival and the rest of the world be damned. Here you will find that ex-military big rig truckers are the guys you want to stick with when super strong and fast undead are unleashed on the world. Another typical literary scheme is setting The End in an interesting and unusual locale, this time the world of ex-military big rig trucking. Apparently, they are the only kind of trucker, and they’re all flawed angels with the killing skills necessary to survive. I discovered that the rest of us are “sheep”, a description I saw several times.

I shouldn’t have been surprised at how badly the author treats Muslims, after a quick and nearly complimentary reference to Alex Jones early in the first book. Once I realized the author is one of Those people I was not surprised to discover that, apparently, of the nearly two billion Muslims in the world only a literal handful are not slavering evildoers who think nothing of wiping out the other four billion people in the world by means of spreading a military grade zombie virus. Not being mentally capable of such highly scientific work by themselves, they of course need help which conveniently comes from the hands of an American politician who wants to be the first woman President SO MUCH she sends them the formula that she got while serving as Secretary of State, from her private server as she drinks lemon tea and ruminates over deplorables.

Yeah. I didn’t see that until well into the third book, which is a sloppy mess of misspellings, bad grammar, and a disjointed muddle at the end, the big irony being the third book is dedicated to a “grammar-Nazi”. The first two books were fun enough, except for the eye rollingly bad case of Muslim hating. There are a LOT of zombies and they’re fast and strong, and the heroes are sexist men stuck at the emotional age of ten, but they kill a lot of zombies and save a lot of us sheep along the way, and the truck stop and trucks were fun. Book two was more about wiping out tens of thousands of zombies with trains, which was different, so I enjoyed it as typical not so great zombie fiction till the author went too far over the line for me with the Killary stuff in book three.

I recommend ignoring these books, even if you’re a fan of badly rendered but fun fiction, which describes a large percentage of zombie novels. This sort of politically motivated hate speech badly needs some ignoring and condemning. In my defense, I bought all three direct-to-Kindle books because I knew I’d need something over a long, long weekend. If I had known I would not have bought them and I only read them because I’d already spent the money.  Be smarter than me.


CFR: In Addition: Nope. Not reading these. Author has written a lot. However, racism does not for me at all so nope, not reading. Ever.

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