Horrorible Book Review: “Day by Day Armageddon”

Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!


Day by Day Armageddon

by J.L. Bourne

This zombie book is BADLY WRITTEN.  It is one of my favorite zombie books.

Who me?  Conflicted?

A couple of years ago I was cruising around the Net looking for a new zombie novel.  If you are a fan of the format you already know that it’s really difficult to find a good one.  They tend to be written by people (mostly men) who don’t have even a tenuous grasp of 1. proper English and 2. what a novel is.  Reminds me of slash fiction in the 90s.  Most of it was crap, which made the good or fun ones seem even better.  Finding one that wasn’t crap made it easy to overlook shortcomings.

Day by Day is like that.  The writer is military, and it’s a terribly obvious Mary Sue*.  He truly doesn’t know even the definition of some of the words he uses, sucks at characters that aren’t him, and is really sexist to boot.  I didn’t know all this when I read the 70 page blurb he put up on his blog and so was quickly hooked by the story enough to buy it immediately.  The format is that of a journal written by “a decadent monument of humanity” who “must strive for survival alone, afraid and vulnerable.  They are cold, recalcitrant and lethal, but I am alive.”

Yeah.  Anyway, the story is very compelling, and because it really, truly sounds like just some military guy writing about what’s happening, the whole thing really works.

It’s very short, a quick read that will leave you wanting more.  Unfortunately, the two sequels Beyond Exile and Shattered Hourglass have Mr. Bourne thinking that his huge early success means he is now a writer.  He obviously has included editorial assistance with the sequels, but this lessened the power of the first novel.  They aren’t bad,  in the way that zombie novels so often are, but they aren’t as good as the first one.

Check this one out.  It’s kind of the Firefly of the zombie novel universe in that you will be included in a group of fans who are loyal to the story despite no one else having heard of it.  (Except that, of course, Firefly is NOT – repeat NOT – a bad piece of fiction.)


Day by Day Armageddon book cover

* Or a Marty Stu for men. – CFR

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