TV Thought: “Very Disappointed NCIS: New Orleans”

I must admit I was excited for NCIS: New Orleans. The several NCIS series have been enjoyable enough and I really love CCH Pounder who plays the doctor of the team Dr. Loretta Wade. However after watching the second episode, Carrier, I must give this show a great big raspberry for sheer stupidity.


See in the first few minutes of Carrier, we discover that a sailor who is on liberty has the bubonic plague. Thus does TERROR ensue! Oh My God! Let’s all panic! We are all going to die! New Orleans has suffered enough!! Why must this happen!! Couple all of this with overly dramatic dialogue and acting and well *raspberry*. Plus the asking of this burning question:


According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) bubonic plague is treatable. Most modern antibiotics kill it so the modern mortality rate is about 11% of those who get it. On an average 1-17 people in the U.S. get it a year. However it doesn’t spread all over and it doesn’t kill all of us ’cause guess what people – we are no longer living in Medieval Europe or Asia. In short, yes bubonic plague is bad – but thanks to our modern world it is very unlikely you will die. So go to the doctor.


In this episode the characters talk about a vaccine – and how the villain will make money by creating a vaccine. Uh, wrong. There is no vaccine for the plague – see CDC.  Maybe one day there will be, but not right now. So the hysteria about the bubonic plague and the panic to get the vaccine out WAS UTTER TOTAL AND COMPLETE B*LLSH*T!!

WHAT THE H*LL, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS WRITER?! WHAT THE H*LL? Are you so STUPID that you can’t look up the information about the bubonic plague and use FACTS to help your story? Why did you sent it into HYSTERIA level when the simple announcement of the bubonic plague and finding it would have been enough. I mean, hey, no one wants to get this and you do want to stop it asap, but it just did not warrant the hysterical level of writing and acting given in the show. Plus you should all be ashamed of yourselves for the bubonic plague vaccine BS. Shame on you! Have you not heard of research or even the Internet?

I will give this show once more try as I really like CCH Pounder. But only one more. Another bout of idiocy like Carrier and this show if off the TiVo list.


Cast and logo of NCIS: New Orleans.

2 responses to “TV Thought: “Very Disappointed NCIS: New Orleans”

  1. I’ve never been much of a fan of N.C.I.S., but lately I’ve had to watch it, and caught some of N.C.I.S. New Orleans. The lame acting and overly wrought drama of it’s parent series has gotten worse here. The one i don’t get is the popularity of N.C.I.S. LA. Posing is not acting, people. Being pretty is not acting. (male or female) Eh, if other people like it, I hope they enjoy. 🙂

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