TV Review: “NCIS: New Orleans”

This will not be a typical CFR review. I am saying good-bye to NCIS: New Orleans.

A few weeks ago I wrote about NCIS: New Orleans stating how disappointed I was in their handling of the bubonic plague as a plot device. However I was going to give the show another shot. So after having several episodes gathered on my TiVo, I decided to watch the episode The Recruits. Fifteen minutes into the episode I stopped the playback and deleted it.


See the murder of the week was happening on a college campus. One of the witnesses on the crime scene was a Kinesiology major. This statement was met with a snide remark about her only being able to teach Zumba.


See I teach in the Department of Kinesiology in the School of Public Health-Bloomington at Indiana University. (GO HOOSIERS!!) I work with brilliant colleagues who can tell you everything you need to know about the body and movement, health, physical exercise and education, and fitness, not to mention sport, sport management, and how to be an athletic trainer. I am continually humbled by and grateful for the brilliance and goodness of my colleagues. They are all true scholars who help others by applying what they have researched and teach.

This also means that I have watched many wonderful Kinesiology students grow and learn. It has been an absolute pleasure. These are driven, bright young people, who have more knowledge about health and the body in their fingernails than the people who write NCIS: New Orleans. Thus to imply an insult – that all a Kinesiology major can do is teach Zumba is highly offensive. First: Teaching Zumba is a fine job. Second: These Kinesiology majors take anatomy and physiology along with biology and chemistry. Oh and do you think you could survive a biomechanics class, NCIS: New Orleans writers? I doubt it. Some of these students go on to medical or physical therapy school. These students do not lack in intellectual capacity. They certainly know more about fitness than you obviously do.

Speaking of Zumba, I must congratulate you on insulting more members of your audience. Why would you make fun of a fitness class that helps people gain and/or maintain their health? WTF? Oh and if you think it is easy to teach a Zumba class or any fitness class, well come on down and chat with my Health Fitness colleagues. Prepare to be humbled. They will set you straight. And help you get fit as well. Oh and Zumba will wear you out, BTW. I should know, I enjoy it.

Now why should all of the above alienate me? Because once again it proves that the writers of NCIS: New Orleans can’t be bothered to do simple research. They could have gone online, looked up Kinesiology, and realized that insulting this field was not necessary. I have no idea why they would insult Zumba. Maybe they are not fit enough to survive a class.

So way to go NCIS: New Orleans! You mock my department, you insult a popular fitness dance form, and you once again show you don’t know sh*t.

Ya’ know, I’m glad we’re done. Zumba’s more fun.


Professional: (All Better Than NCIS: New Orleans)

Cast and logo of NCIS: New Orleans.

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