Movie Snippet: Whoo Hoo!! Rucka’s “Queen and Country” Update!

Ok, this isn’t a review, it’s excitement! I love Greg Rucka’s comic and book series Queen & Country. That’s actually a big duh for people who know me as I like action/adventure/spy movies with cool women and men. Queen & Country is loaded with both. (I’m also an Anglophile so that fact that the story’s heroine, Tara Chase, is English and works for MI5 makes me happy.) I also adore Ellen Page who will play the heroine.

The below article from the upcoming movie comes from The Mary Sue Website. It was so good, I had to copy and re-post. You bet I’m looking forward to this movie!!


Good News Everyone!

Ellen Page-Led Spy Thriller Queen & Country Gets Director

Relative unknown Craig Viveiros has been tapped to direct Fox’s adaptation of Greg Rucka‘s graphic novel series Queen & Country.


We haven’t heard much from the Queen & Country movie since it was announced in September, so here’s a brief refresher. Rucka’s series follows the life of Tara Chase, top MI5 operative, and her coworkers. It’s an un-romanticized look at spy work and the sort of person who aspires to and qualifies for it, as Chase and her colleagues stop Middle Eastern weapons deals, ambassadorial family kidnappings and scandals, and leverage what influence their department has in the shifting game of ferreting information and cooperation out of the covert forces of their allies.

Ellen Page was attached to star as Chase almost immediately, which to me suggested that we were unlikely to see the film drop completely off the map as so many non-DC-or-Marvel comics adaptations do shortly after being announced. So it’s good to hear that Fox, through smaller production company Chernin Entertainment (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Heat), has now picked a director in Craig Viveiros.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Fox and Ellen in the task of bringing Tara Chace and Queen & Country to life on the big screen,” Viveiros tells Deadline. “The echoes of excitement in creating an exciting, unique bold addition the spy genre are held firm by Greg’s solid, riveting source material.”

I’m not really sure what that second sentence means, but I’m glad he’s excited about it.

(via Deadline.)



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