Media Thoughts: “Thank You, Greg Rucka”

I make no bones about it: I am a Greg Rucka fan. He can write intelligent stories with, whoo hoo, great female characters! Great male characters too. 🙂 I’ve mentioned him before on this site: Movie Review: “Whiteout” and Movie Snippet: Whoo Hoo!! Rucka’s “Queen and Country” Update! So when I see his name I of course seek out what else there is to know.

Today The Mary Sue featured him and I was not disappointed.

Mr. Rucka wrote on his Tumblr feed Contents Under Pressure. It was in response to a juvenile t-shirt that hates on fangirls. You can see it here at The Mary Sue’s post. The rage and fury Mr. Rucka expressed at this obvious sexism of this t-shirt is a beautiful thing to read. It is also beautiful because he is angry for his daughter. He doesn’t want her to be subjected to such idiocy in her light-saber wielding life because he loves her and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Both Mr. Rucka’s original post and The Mary Sue’s are so worth reading. I also appreciate that Mr. Rucka calls for men to help fight the obvious sexism. Thanks. I do so love help from my brothers – and sisters too.

So I would like to take this time to say Thank you, Greg Rucka! There are days when I need my faith in men bolstered. You have helped me today. Bright blessings to you, your family, and friends.

Oh and I would also like to add to the t-shirt designer: Don’t besmirch coffee either!


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