Media Thoughts: “Hawkeye and the Deepdale Irregulars”

Hawkeye and the Deepdale Irregulars

SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen all of Hawkeye, this might spoil it for you.

If you read this blog, or even know me, you know I LOVE the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I recently reviewed the TV series on Disney+ Hawkeye. This is now one of my regular Christmas shows, however I will probably watch it during the rest of the year too.

Now one of my favorite things in Hawkeye was his interaction with and then help from some LARPers. Wait, you might thing, LARPers? LARP stand for Live Action Role Play. Take Dungeons & Dragons, mix it with improve theater and you have LARP. (Why yes I do LARP and I love it.) The LARPers have a world they call Deepdale and play in this world with great enthusiasm.

Now Hawkeye himself ends up liking these wonderful LARPers and then asking them for help. When the time comes they perform admirably and help the heroes. In fact, they “suit up” in their LARP gear to help. It is awesome and wonderful. And they need their own show.

So dear readers I would like to present to you The Deepdale Irregulars!

Please take this image and share with the world!!! I want Marvel to know. I want the actors and producers to know. This could be a really fun web series. Hint, hint.

I stand with the Deepdale Irregulars! Honor. Justice. Weekends.


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Introduction to LARP with Eli and Mayghin Levine Part 1 – This is an educational video interview so enjoy! The others parts are accessible from the page.

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