Good News: “Hood: A Star Wars Story”

Hood: A Star Wars Story - Fan Made

HOOD: A Star Wars Story


So while cruising Twitter and being a Star Wars Fan I found Merry Christmas: “Star Wars Origins”. I also found this gem: Hood: A Star Wars Story.

Now you so want to watch this. It is silly good fun. The stop motion animation is totally enjoyable. The voices are entertaining and the little effects are just fun. It is FUN. Now, one note: You Must Watch To The Very End!

See, I didn’t know who Hood was. I figured out where he lived in the Star Wars universe. I figured he was a new fan made character. Until the end. I LOL’d for a very long time. I LOL’d to utter love for this gem.

So Enjoy! And watch to the very end. You’ll figure out why. 😉

Hood: A Star Wars Story



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