Merry Christmas: “Star Wars Origins”

Star Wars: Origins poster

Star Wars Origins: A Star Wars Fan Film

I love the web. It holds so many treasures and joys. I waited for this wonderful thing all of my life, probably thanks to watching Star Trek and reading lots of science fiction, and on Christmas Eve, I was given a present.

Scrolling through Twitter I found several fan made films. The one I am showing below is Star Wars Origins. For those of us who love meta storytelling and references to one of our favorite universes, this movie is an utter joy! Star Wars fans will rejoice! If you know nothing about Star Wars, you will probably enjoy it too.

One flaw that many fan made films have is poor acting. Not here. The actors in this movie look like they are on the way to continuous big screen/tv work. They are charismatic and can actually act.

Also when I watch this movie I think “How?” How did they make such a beautiful, expensive looking movie. I don’t know who backed this fan made film but I salute and thank you. Money well spent.

And now watch, enjoy, and know that The Force Is With You.

Star Wars Origins – The award-winning, Mark Hamill approved, “epic masterpiece” Star Wars Fan Film

Merry Christmas too.

NOTE: CULTURAL PITFALLS: Ok, so there is a lot of the great white people stuff with an African man sacrificing himself for white Americans and Middle Eastern men being the villains. Then again what do you expect from a movie that also salutes Indiana Jones. However, I still enjoyed it.

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