Trailer Tuesday: “The Watch”

The Watch TV series poster

The Watch

OMG. Ok, it is no surprise that I love Sir Terry Pratchett. I still feel his loss in the world: Book Review: “Farewell Sir Terry Pratchett”. I have enjoyed, rather, LOVED, his work and will reread it for fun. It is bittersweet because he used to write 2-3 books a year. I would always buy his books in hardback. 

Ok, back to today’s trailer review.

OMG. (Again.) The Watch, a Pratchett book, where his famous City Watch characters are first introduced, now has its own series! I read about the adaptation and it wasn’t “true” to the characters in the book, but I think it will be “true” to the spirit of The Watch. Which is a big loving spirit, BTW.  Or at least I hope so. 

As I look at the trailer, I wonder what happened. Many of these characters are changed from the book. Plus this Watch looks like they took the book and mixed it with Cyberpunk 2077. Let’s just hope the Watch is the book and not the video game.

Look, I want the changes to work. I just hope they do. 

Now watch and enjoy!

The Watch Trailer (HD) BBC America series

The Watch is due to be released on January 3, 2021 on BBC America and AMC. 




River Song says "Spoilers."

Ok, I’m a bit sad about the character Sybil. I LOVE that she is played by a black woman – huzzah! But see, Sybil was always described as a “big girl”. In short, she was fat. And Pratchett talked about how that affected her and how she felt about her self, lived her life, and got treated by others. In one scene it was described that her corset was straining due to her being larger than the corset. To have her played by a regular sized woman just bums me out. Sybil is a plus sized woman and to leave that out feels really, well, sizeist. Why couldn’t they have gotten a plus sized black actress? That would have been awesome. 


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