Trailer Tuesday: “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier logo

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

We live in an age of wonders. Not only is there streaming media and I can see trailers online. And, most importantly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is growing. Thanks to Disney+, we can see those new babies soon.

I have been looking forward to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as I am a fan of both characters and actors – Anthony Mackie as the Falcon and chosen heir to Captain America’s title and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier. Both characters have love and have worked with Captain America and have loyalty and love to him. Now that he is gone they have to make their way in the MCU. Hooray! They have their own series on Disney+ and it comes to us in March 19, 2021. I am sooooo looking forward to this and the MCU shows is the reason I decided to subscribe to Disney+.

To this week I FINALLY got to see a trailer for the show I have been waiting for. Everyone:


I figured this would be a buddy movie but I like that it looks like a reluctant buddy movie. There is a lot of snarking that might becoming friendly and might not. Also there will be depth. Sam says the shield is complicated while standing in front of what looks like a southern plantation?!?! Are we going to smack around some racism? I’m so for that.

These two characters are using to being powerful and being around the powerful. It will be fun to see how they work with each other. I feel like giggling when I watch them. I am so looking forward to this.

Oh oh! And did you hear the Captain America theme there towards the end? Squee!!!!

Finally, this picture of Sam Wilson with Cap’s shield gives me the chills.

Sam Wilson standing in reflection of Captain America's shield.

I’m so glad I got Disney+.

Have I mentioned I enjoy The Mandalorian? Baby Yoda!!!!!!!!


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