Trailer Tuesday: “The Empty Man”

The Empty Man movie poster


The Empty Man

Ok, wait, wait, wait. Wait. You’re tell me that if you throw an empty bottle over a bridge on the third night the Empty Man comes for you? And you want me to feel sorry for you? No. You littered, you’re getting your just desserts. I mean, why are you throwing trash into a river?!?!? I bet if you picked that bottle up and brought it to recycling, you would get the equivalent of mystical roses. *headdesk* I think the Empty Man and Poison Ivy would really like each other.

Oh and the movie looks like a well made horror. Probably good. But how can I care about characters who wantonly litter so they can see an occult figure spank their butts for polluting?!?! Well I can’t. That’s just stupid on so many levels. Even though the movie does look good. The plot is cool too – read the below description in the Wikipedia link.

I swear I want a spoof where the Empty Man comes to the person and gives them a talking to about not littering. Poison Ivy can join him.

THE EMPTY MAN Trailer 2020, James Badge Dale, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, Crime, Drama, Horror



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