Trailer Tuesday: “WandaVision”

WandaVision poster


Oh SQUEE!! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has plans to stream on Disney+ and the first show (of many, HOORAY) is WandaVision. Our beloved characters, Wanda, aka the Scarlet Witch, and Vision are in what looks like an alternate reality. Fans theorize this may play into the next Dr. Strange movie that features Wanda. We shall see. I’m just excited and can’t wait for it to show. In fact the MCU TV series on Disney+ is the main reason I got Disney+. Well that and the Mandalorian.

Love the trailer and love the frame by frame breakdown as well. Enjoy!

And hurry up MCU/Disney+! It’s 2020 already.

WandaVision | Official Trailer | Disney+


WandaVision Trailer Breakdown! Frame-by-Frame Analysis & Hidden MCU Easter Eggs!



WandaVision tv promo poster

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