Trailer Tuesday: “Ava”

Ava movie poster


Ooooo well schweet! Found this on the Apple trailers site. An old standby for finding new movie trailers.

So I was first caught by Jessica Chastain’s with-a-gun profile. Uh note, not a good angle to hold a handgun, but I digress. So of course I clicked on it to watch. I was not disappointed. Hitwoman action with, oh my, hitwoman talking to victim! Whoa! That’s a new twist. What is not new, is that the organization that uses her wants her gone for breaking the rules and talking to victims. They send another woman to get her.

Sure there is usual stuff about the life of a hitperson, but I am so going to see this. It looks great with great actors and beautiful shots. It may have some usual story tropes, but I still think it will be fun! Enjoy!

Oh and if you read about the movie, Geena Davis is Ava’s mother. That’s awesome. Geena is quite the action heroine so I am glad to see her here. I wonder if her past “work” will be referenced…

AVA Official Trailer (2020) Jessica Chastain Movie


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