Monday With Mildred: “Wynonna Earp”

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Wynonna Earp

CFR reviewed this a few years back and somehow I neglected to watch the show. My total bad! But now I’ve seen the first three episodes and I’m so hooked. Loosely based on a printed comicWynonna Earp doesn’t have the frame by frame total immersion of comics that Birds of Prey does, but it does have comic moments cinematically, and with the kind of plots unfolding.

After taking a look at the printed form, I’m glad I saw the tv show first. Very little of the two is the same. Paper comic has Wynonna, who is drawn in traditional overwrought female form, as a US Marshall that runs afoul of a gang of redneck vampires. I much prefer the tv show’s take, in which Wynonna is directly descended from the legendary gambler and lawman Wyatt Earp. After many years away she returns for a funeral, hardened and worldly, and nearly makes it back into her hometown of Purgatory before running into a demon. She’s like Buffy, only with a badass Colt Peacemaker (actually, a Buntline Special), a way snarkier attitude, and a more personal grudge against the demons. They killed her dad and a sister years before, so she enjoys taking revenge.

Also like Buffy, Wynonna in season one is building a team around her, consisting of Special Agent Dolls, her sister Waverly, Officer Haught, and Doc Holliday. The actors all do a fine job with their respective roles, with my favorite being Waverly. She’s perky and enthusiastic and smart, and being cruised by Ms. Nicole Haught. I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. She’s the Willow of the gang, including the often used Buffy trope of put Willow in danger because the fans go crazy for it. Agent Dolls and Wynonna make a really interesting team, because she’s always cracking wise and I’ve yet to see him crack a smile. They have a great chemistry, though, as do all the characters. This is a fun group to watch.

It’s a good looking show. The cinematography is first rate for television, with not a few interesting shots from unusual angles, though I was not happy in the first episode with the nighttime fight sequence that was so dark I could barely see what was going on. They shot that sequence day-for-night, and it was pretty bad. I’ve been especially pleased with the costuming, which is something I don’t normally pay much attention to. Every character has a very definite “look” that really helps define them, from badass tight black leather Wynonna to cheerleader Waverly to Dolls’ uptight suits and Doc’s gorgeous retro style. The dialogue is Joss Whedon-lite, and the demons are kinda lightweight. There is a very small amount of gore (except for the excruciating tongue scene – yikes!), and while there is violence and evil, not a lot of it is graphically portrayed. I really liked how deeply drawn the backstory is right from the start. Wynonna and the town have a not terribly friendly history that informs her interactions with most of the residents, and it’s not all dumped on the viewer in a quick minute of episode one.

It’s not perfect, like how does Wynonna go from not being able to hit the broad side of a barn at five feet with that awesome pistol, to being able to hit a small target with apparent ease? If there was some kind of supernatural transformation I missed it. Or, how does a demon lose a major body part and not be terribly concerned about it, which made me think they take up resident in new bodies occasionally. I’ve heard demons will do that. But then, Wynonna is using old photos of the original people to find her targets. If they’re changing bodies, how do they still look like their original form?

I’m excited to see the rest of this, and I recommend it if you like modern western shows with demons and fun snarky dialogue. Everything looks good (except for that early sequence), the cast have a great chemistry, and it’s executive produced and written by a woman. The fans, called Earpers, are well known for their charitable works if you’re interested in getting involved.


Wynonna Earp Season 3 Trailer (HD)

CFR: In Addition:

First: Thank you, Mildred for FINALLY watching and reviewing one of my heart’s fave shows. Squee!

I’m an Earper and PROUD! What is an Earper you ask? A fan of Wynnona Earp! More info here: Urban Dictionary – EarperWynonna Wednesday: 10 Signs You’re an Earper from Geek Girl Authority (Squee!); Earper Hashtag – #earper – on Twitter; and of course, the ever so powerful hashtag – #wayhaught. I think #wayhaught dominates all and that is as it should be. We who have watched Wynnona Earp from the beginning LOVE it. It has all the right elements for us Geek fans and it has gotten even more diverse in seasons 2 and 3. 

How to Be A Good Earper graphic

Then, Stupidity Struck. I don’t know if it was wanton nastiness or true money issues, but we Earpers were informed at the last minute that our beloved show would be cancelled. We rioted – online of course. And now our beloved show will return to us this summer!! I’m so happy! Check out the fandom links below and prepare for season 4. So excited!!! May the show’s run be as long as the Peacekeeper can shoot those bullets. 🙂 


Melanie Scrofano (R), pictured with Katherine Barrell, Emily Andras and Tim Rozon (left to right), plays the title character in the Syfy series "Wynonna Earp." File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo

Melanie Scrofano (R), pictured with Katherine Barrell, Emily Andras and Tim Rozon (left to right), plays the title character in the Syfy series “Wynonna Earp.” File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo

Cast of Wynnona Earp at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Cast of Wynnona Earp at San Diego Comic Con 2018

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