Trailers, Teasers, Previews: “Warigami”

Warigami publicity photo


I should really name this post “Warigami, OR Going Down the Rabbit Hole.” Why? Well friends it went like this:

Sunday: I was on Instagram when suddenly this cool looking martial arts style preview came on. Wait, what?!?! Cool women, cool, men, a multi-racial cast, and PAPER FOLDING FOR WEAPONS?!? Oh yeah I was hooked and watched it several times. I vowed that when I got to a computer and a full keyboard, I would look up this new treat and oh please I really hope the CW is putting this on air! It looks like a brother and sister duo who can fold paper to make weapons! OMG that is so cool!

Monday: After searching for some time I did what I call the rabbit hole thing that can so easily happen when doing research and happens LOTS on the Web.

I looked up Warigami because I am so setting my TiVo to this!* First I discover is is several short episodes produced by CBC and the CW in Canada. It is a series of short – 10 min or less – episodes to watch online. Sob! So I guess the CW isn’t going to make a series out of it. Or will they.

Now where do I watch this glorious treat? After a bit of searching I find that this will be on the CW Seed: EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: PAPER CUTS DEEP IN CW SEED’S WILD NEW WARIGAMI MARTIAL ARTS SERIES. CW Seed? Ooo a whole new station?


It seems, and I could be wrong, that CW Seed is a bit like Hulu.  You an watch your fave shows via digital only you don’t pay for it or make an account. Yes you still watch commercials. AND you watch it on your computer or cell phone.


I don’t have to log in to watch Constantine??  Now to get this on my TV…..

So back to Warigami. I’m so going to watch this. If I like it, and I probably will, I hope the CW makes more.

WATCH Warigami on CW Seed 

Warigami poster comic book style

WARIGAMI Official Trailer (HD) CW Seed Martial Arts Series

*Mental Note: Be sure to add Batwoman.

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