Good News: “Martin Luther King Day 2019”

Martin Luther King Day 2019 image

Happy Martin Luther King Day 2019

I make no bones about it: I love Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day). I love celebrating liberty and freedom. Why yes I am a crazy patriotic American and celebrating equality is patriotic.

I’m not going to say that life is now perfect for People of Color in America. In fact, the fact that we have to say People of Color to me because hey isn’t the “norm” white bothers me. However, I truly hope that it is better than it was when King first marched.

So I always celebrate MLK Day with playing U2’s “Pride: In the Name of Love” very very LOUD! You can read about that here on Good News: Martin Luther King Day  from 2016. It is below and remember: Loud is BEST!

Now I thought that today I should explain why this is an MLK Day ritual for me. Here goes: Years ago when I worked in Philadelphia, I took a drive on MLK Day. I had the radio on, of course, and the DJ said “This one’s for the man.” He then played “Pride: In the Name of Love” with quote from Martin Luther King interjected throughout it. It was immensely powerful and I teared up in the car. So I have been playing this song loud – and tearing up – every since.

Below are links to my past MLK Day Good News posts. Each day has a different take and different links. This year I wish to add watching Black Panther, BlackKKlansman, and checking out the Have You Ever Wondered What Hogwarts Would Be Like If It Was An HBCU?   post as I still want this to be a reality.

For Liberty, Equality, and Justice. 

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