Good News: “Martin Luther King Day”

MLK Let Freedom Ring graphic

Martin Luther King Day

It is time to celebrate! I love this holiday because it fills me with hope and joy. And love for technology.

One of the great things about our modern technology is that the world can now hear Dr. Martin Luther King’s great speeches any time they want. Just ten years ago if I wanted to play the famous “I have a dream” speech presented below, I would have had to take the time to get the film or video from the library, make sure to bring a player, and then set it all up so I could share it with you. (I would happily do this, BTW.) Now, when I want to show you this great historic speech all I have to do it go to the Web. There it is for us to all watch and enjoy. Any time. Listen now.

For me an MLK Day celebration must include the video/song below, Pride (In The Name of Love). It was written by U2 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Oddly enough the writer, lead singer Bono, never really liked the song. He felt he could have done better. I think the song is perfect and have felt that since the first time I heard it. In the clip below, U2 is playing to a live audience and they show Dr. King speaking on the big screens behind them. Go ahead, love your technology!!

Now as I said before I think it is a great song and must be played LOUD! LOUD!!

So click the video below and crank your computer volume up! Tell those around you that your teacher made you do it. 🙂 And then invite them to enjoy the song with you.

This is also a wonderful video as it shows clips of Dr. King and the civil rights movement with the song playing in the background.

And now a version sung by a Swedish sister, Carola. Sing it!

For more Martin Luther King videos, get online!

CFR: In Addition: This post is copied from my MLK Day page on my class Website hence the comments about technology. 🙂

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