TV Review: “Iron Fist”

Iron Fist offiical poster

Iron Fist

OVERALL: Ok, I know this is not a popular option, but I did enjoyed this show. Was it as strong as the other Marvel TV shows? Nope? But I find it entertaining? Yes.

POINTS: I love the MCU so anything that furthers it makes me happy.

PITFALLS: I think the producers didn’t really know what to do with the character portrayal of Danny Rand and that is the real problem with the show. The actor Finn Jones is a good one. I think that he could have done what they wanted. However they show him as both childlike and bratty with no grown man. Now that is not surprising to me but somehow it just doesn’t work. There are times that Danny’s behavior makes no sense. 

Another problem is that Finn Jones doesn’t not look believable as a great martial artist. Maybe an ok martial artist but alas, I don’t believe his abilities. I watch Daredevil and I totally believe that Charlie Cox is dangerous and has skills. Finn’s form looks weak and has no power. IMHO.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh yes, Iron Fist was blessed with many fun female characters. Biggest to note is Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick. She is fun to watch as her character evolves and reveals more information about who she truly is. Henwick is also a believable martial artist. 

Jessica Stroup is a good Joy Meachum who, like Wing, goes through a character transformation. I will be curious to see how she behaves in the next season. Yes there is a season 2 coming

Wai Ching Ho is terrifying as Madame Gao. Good Lord that woman is one terrifying villain! I’d bet on her over Thanos too. 

Badass lawyer Jeri Hogarth played by Carrie-Anne Moss makes me smile as she is both funny and deadly. Ok, send her after Thanos as well. 

And finally, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple returns!! I am thinking she is the link to all of the Defenders and I always need more Claire. YAY! Keep her coming!  Although she was not in Punisher, well drat. 

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): There was lots of complaint about Danny Rand being white. Well he is white in the comics so that makes sense as to why they would cast a white guy to play him. Now if I had been in charge I would have looked at Danny Rand being half white, half-Asian. That way he really would have looked like an outside in both Kun Lun and the New York City European descent uber rich crowd.

And yes, the trope of the white man mastering an ancient art from another culture is annoying. That I agree with whole heartedly.

HIGH POINT(S): I really enjoyed watching Henwick fight. And any time Moss as Hogarth came to throw her power around it was glorious.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. YAY!

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. YAY!

IMDB: Iron Fist (TV Series2017- )

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  Marvel’s Iron Fist | Netflix (Note: Netflix really needs to update their official Website pages to their series.)



Marvel’s Iron Fist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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