TV Review: “Van Helsing”

Van Helsing tv show poster Van Helsing

Combination between Wynnona Earp and The Walking Dead. Unfortunately it is more Walking Dead than Wynonna.

Show premise is a distant descendant of vampire hunter from Dracula – Van Helsing – is resurrected and now must save the world from those rotten blood suckers. Great idea! I mean this is right up my ally!! Women and men killing vampires?!?! Count Me IN! Show is a great idea, just poor delivery IMHO.

It’s an ok show – swapping vampires for zombies. But well, sorry to say this but the characters act silly like Walking Dead than Wynnona. Or rather they act stupid. Really stupid. And there is no logic to the “rules” of the show. Plus the main actress who plays Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton) is an ok actress but does not have the skill or charisma of Wynonna Earps actress Melanie Scrofano. Then again, that would be hard.

Now yes it is always fun to watch vampires get staked but, well, Van Helsing just doesn’t do it for me. If it is on as background, ok. Hubby really likes it so I enjoy watching him watch it. Maybe I will watch some later episodes as it might get better. Plus it has a second season on SYFY so well done cast and crew.

If you love this show, GREAT! Watch it and support cause I am all for shows with women leads and diverse casts. Van Helsing may be in my favorite show category, it’s just not something I would TiVo.


VAN HELSING Season 2 TRAILER (2017) Syfy Series

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