Movie Review: “Dunkirk”

Dunkirk movie poster


OVERALL:  Rule Britannia!  What a fabulous movie! I feel like writer/director Christopher Nolan woke-up one morning and decided to make the greatest movie he could make. So he delved deep into his heart and soul and made Dunkirk. Oh well done!

BTW: If you are not familiar with the events of Dunkirk, then read this quick primer about this amazing historical event. Also this Dunkirk vet gave the film his stamp of authentic approval. Now that’s an endorsement.

POINTS: This movie was not what I expected. I thought it would be a sweeping historical sage. Nope. It was a deep, intimate look at the Dunkirk events using the POV of several different characters. Naval, army, and air force were all represented as well as Dutch and French soldiers.

PITFALLS: Hmm… Nope. Got nothing.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): LOL! What female characters. And to be honest I am not surprised. I was pleased to see women on the rescue boats and the Red Cross. In fact a few of them had some small lines. I was pleased.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): The pitfalls would be in cultural representation. However I am not surprised and was not expecting a lot of diversity. Good news was I did see some women in the crowds – see Female Characters – and there were even some PoC characters in the French soldiers. Unfortunately we never heard them speak. I wouldn’t be surprised to read that there were more PoC in those armies and it would have been nice to see them on the British side as well.

HIGH POINT(S): The intimacy of film. What I mean by that is the events in the movie were given through the eyes of the characters. The camera spent time on character faces not big horizons. This gave the events in the movie a true feeling of terror and helplessness. When the joy first appears on Sir Kenneth Branaugh‘s face, you feel it right along with him.  The personal and intimacy feeling of this movie makes it quite special. Enjoy

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3.

IMDB: Dunkirk (2017)

OFFICIAL MOVIE WEBSITE:  Dunkirk Official Movie Site


LION PAW PRINTS:  3.5 of 5. Wow.

Dunkirk – Trailer 1 [HD]

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    • Hi Nicoleatthemovies,
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      • Awesome! drop me a line at and I’ll explain how we work! It’s pretty easy, you just need to sign up to our platform and write away! And if you hyperlink to your blog posts at the end of each article, it’ll include traffic to your initial blogpost as well 😉 Hope to hear fro you soon!

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