Media Thoughts: “Gen Con – 2016”

Gen Con 2016 small logo

Gen Con – 2016

We are in you.

When this post comes live the Exhibit Hall doors will officially open and Gen Con – 2016 will have BEGUN! Thus you may not hear from me for a few days because when you are a Gen Con Entertainer, you are very busy. My troupe Different Drummer Belly Dancers will performing every day of the con and I will also be teaching people how to belly dance. Our days usually run 12 hours starting off with 60-90 minutes of make-up and costume applications, dancing, teaching, operating our Exhibit Hall table – we’re in the Entertainer’s Spotlight above the Art Show.

Know this: Gen Con Is So Much Fun!!!!

We plan and practice for this gig all year. ‘Tis good. We have a professional seamstress/costumer who LOVES to design our costumes for our big Pre-Costume Contest Performance on Saturday. This year we are celebrating Star Wars!!

Gen Con is like Disney World – colorful, fun, stimulating, and entertaining. Just come. You’ll enjoy it.


Different Drummer Belly Dancers as the Avengers

Photo by Jennifer Stewart ©2015

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