Commercial Review: “Two Confident Retirees & Their Pig”

Picture of pig from commerical, aka Mr. Bombastic

Two Confident Retirees & Their Pig

aka Mr. Boombastic Piggy

I love my husband and my husband LOVES this commercial. I could describe it to you but why bother? Just watch.

Two Confident Retirees Prepare for Their Retirement – Commercials – Chase

IT’S A PIGGY!!! As my husband states with joy in his voice “That is one sassy pig.” With that music in the background, how could it not be?

This is a brilliant commercial and whoever came up with it should be proud of themselves. Seriously proud. They should get a raise. Now. How can you resist and sassy pig walking to an “I’m a sex god” song? I can’t. Then we see the retirees – clearly they are hippies and they love their pig and why did you think they would have a dog or cat? It is fun to see these retirees in the heart of a corporate bank talking with a suited financial consultant. Note that at the end the piggy, or as I like to call him, Mr. Boombastic, is happily nesting in loving arms. Yes, Mr. Boombastic is so welcome in the bank. I mean they want the owner’s money!

I’m not a fan of big banks, but wow, I sure do love this add. It is funny and sweet and PIGGY!!! If you don’t laugh, well, what’s wrong with ya’? Every time Hubby and I see this on TV, we rewind our TiVo and watch it several times.

The version above is the one you will see broadcast. However I found the longer one which you can watch below. Different editing and more Mr. Boombastic time.

Two Confident Retirees Prepare for Their Retirement – Chase (40 second version)

Oh and the song is “Boombastic” by Shaggy and you can listen to it below.

Mr. Bombastic[sp?] – Shaggy

And finally, because hey why not, an animated gif of Mr. Boombastic himself. Enjoy.

Commerical pig in animated gif.


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