Food & Drink: “Death Wish Coffee”

Welcome to the Very First Food & Drink Review.

Death Wish Coffee logo

Death Wish Coffee

Food & Drink Review? What are you doing, CFR? Death Wish Coffee?!?!


Today I was working on reviews and posts that must be held off for publication until next week. (Hey, it happens.) So I thought to myself, what should I write about for Friday? Then it hit me: Of course! Death Wish Coffee. Say it again: Death Wish Coffee.

Let me begin: I love coffee! I LOVE COFFEE! I love the flavor, the smell, and the preparation. As a person of Italian descent, I drank coffee every morning with lovely milk and sugar since I was a young one. No, it did not stunt my growth; I’m 5′ 7.5″.  In my 30s I became a barista at the local Barnes & Noble Cafe. That was when I really discovered that coffee was AMAZING!! I also became a coffee snob because once you have good coffee, you never go back. I have been buying and tasting quality coffee ever since.

I discovered Death Wish Coffee (DWC) on the Web. It is advertised as the most caffeinated coffee in the world. Don’t drink before bed! (See graphic.) This of course intrigued me as caffeine and I are friends. Plus the name and the logo made me laugh.

Caffeine comparison graph

After looking at DWC for a few weeks I decided to get some for my office. I am the caffeine supplier for my wonderful colleagues – it’s the barista in me – and I decided it was time to give them something special. I placed my order for DWC and then made a warning sign to place on the DWC maker. The sign had the picture of the DWC bag below.

Death Wish coffee bag

When I got my coffee – quicker than I thought I would – I opened it up and brewed! Oh it smelled like Heaven. It tasted even better.

Yes, Death Wish Coffee TASTES amazing. It is smooth and rich and frankly, needs no or very little sweetness. It is utterly delicious.

As for the caffeine kick, for me, DWC is like a Vitamin B shot. It kept me alert and feeling good for at least five hours. I didn’t experience a radical drop in my system after the caffeine left. So no crash or burn. Cool. My colleagues all enjoyed it too! I don’t brew it every day as it is special, but when I do, people come from every corner of my building for the “really good stuff.”

If you were thinking of trying DWC, do it!! You will not be disappointed. Yes it is more expensive than other coffees. It is also worth it.

DWC also has great advertisements and their Viking commercial got to be on the SuperBowl. See it below. Their merchandise is also fun.

Final Verdict: Holy goodness Death Wish Coffee is a HUGE YES! In fact, I think I’ll go get some right now. You should too.

BREAKING NEWS! Thirsty? Death Wish Coffee is canning their cold brew coffee! I am so getting some.


Sample of Death Wish Holiday Mugs:

Death Wish Coffee logo with Headless Horseman

Happy Halloween! (Also makes me think of Sleepy Hollow.)


Death Wish patriotic mug, 2016

Bought this to celebrate the 4th of July 2016! It is now my favorite mug.

Death Wish Coffee Company Big Game Commercial: Storm’s a-Brewin’

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