TV Review: “Sleepy Hollow”

OVERALL:  OMG this is so good!!! I love this show!!! Fantasy, magic, good witches who balance out the bad, and a multiracial cast. Wait, Let me repeat myself: IT HAS A MULTIRACIAL CAST!!!!!!!!!! Black and yellow people as well as white people in charge and playing leads. I love this!!!

POINTS: Where do I begin?!?!? It is fun, fantasy with a multiracial cast. AND the leads are a two women, two men, two black people, and two white people. Oh Hallelujah!!!! Plus, it’s got the Headless Horseman shooting machine guns. Yup. That’s right. How much fun is that?     

PITFALLS: Oh drat!! It looks like John Cho who plays Andy Dunn may not be back for more episodes. NO! I enjoyed having more than two races represented. But hey may keep making appearances and that is good. 🙂 

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): Oh! OH!!!!! Lt. Abbie Mills played by Nichole Beharie take a bow!!! How much do I love her? We are shown in her first scene we see that she is intelligent and capable as she is going to Quantico for FBI training. Well go you! We also see that she is mentored by the Sheriff August Corbin played by Clancy Brown. Then as the episode, and series, unfolds we see her handle herself, stand-up for herself and others, and do the right thing every time. She has a good connection with the hero Ichabod Crane played by Tom Mison and she respects her senses and his knowledge, irregardless of how he has it. They have a fun relationship. (They remind me of Reese’s and Carter’s relationship in Person of Interest. Excellent. :))

Also Katrina, Ichabod’s dead wife played by Katia Winter, is loads of fun, hangs out in the spirit realm, and must have some serious mystical powers. After all, she did the spell to keep Ichabod hidden for 250 years. Go Katrina!

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Ok, I get a bit testy when witches are blamed for things. Historically speaking, witches are the ones who are victimized, brutalized, and tortured. So yes, I’m tired of witches being portrayed as bad. However in Sleepy Hollow we also have good witches and in fact Katarina is one of those witches and she is helpful.  I can totally get behind that.   

HIGH POINT(S): All of it!!! Squee!!! I LOVE this show!!! It keeps a sense of wonder, adventure, and suspense. Have I mentioned the awesome diversity of the cast?!?! Oh good. 🙂

Also my favorite Geek Website, The Mary Sue, has a wonderful episode recap listing many wonderful points here: Sleepy Hollow Recap: Blood Moon.  

NEW ADDITION: 9/29/2013 – Another great Mary Sue article about Sleepy Hollow. This time it is about the real life detective who is getting called “Abbie.”

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Oh yeah! And hopefully they will continue to have two women talking about things other then men. 🙂

IMDB:  Sleepy Hollow (2013– )

OFFICIAL  WEBSITE: Sleepy Hollow on Fox


 LION PAW PRINTS: 4 of 5. OMG I love this show so much!! Right up there with Agents of SHIELD. 😉

Sleepy Hollow TV Poster

Sleepy Hollow main cast photo

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