Movie Review: “X-Men: Apocalypse”

X-Men: Apocalypse movie poster

X-Men: Apocalypse

INTRODUCTION: The X-Men are my home base for comics. My soul sister’s brother collected comic books and I got to read the first 10 years of Chris Claremont‘s The Uncanny X-Men. These were the years that fully established the X-Men as staples of the comic world. Now granted this means I am really behind on X-Men in current times, however the foundation of the characters and plots, I remember those. Plus this started my love of Marvel. So know that a lot of what I write is influence by my Summer of X-Men Love and non-stop comic reading.

OVERALL: It was good to see my old friends the X-Men again. No this isn’t entirely the story line of the original comics but hey!!! This is a new cinematic universe for the X-Men and that is good.

POINTS: It’s the X-Men!!! And the story line of persecution is still there front and center. THAT’S X-Men.

PITFALLS: My liking of Bryan Singer has waned. He does get the mutant persecution part of the X-Men, but he doesn’t understand the power of the characters, especially the women. The characters are such bada$$es in the books and they seem weak, except for Wolverine, in the movies. Bummer.

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): One of the reasons I love and devoured the X-Men comics was the incredible women in the series and the respect they received and showed their male counterparts. Not so much in the movies. Storm and Jean Grey are so powerful in the comics. Powerfully built, they take up space, and run their own lives and shows. Not so much in the movies. Granted in this movie, Storm is just discovering herself and is just coming into adulthood, but she is so much more in the comics. She is a true leader and she rocks. Still good job Alexandra Shipp in playing her in this movie. I look forward to seeing you more.

Jean Grey was well cast with Sophie Turner. My only directing note for her: Once Jean gets her power, close your mouth and swagger. 🙂

Finally, Huzzah to Jennifer Lawrence for making Mystique cooler than I ever remembered. Lawrence shows once again, her larger than life screen chemistry and power. Glad to see her here.

There were many other women in this movie and I REALLY love that so thank you director and producers!!!!!! YAY! Keep up the good work.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): Hmm…. I’ll think about it.

HIGH POINT(S): It is always good to see the X-Men. Oh and Weapon X – I knew that was you. Good to see you.

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2.5 of 3. There were lots of times women characters were in the same scenes and briefly spoke with each other but no one-on-one. However I say Cool!!!! See what is on Bechdel Test.

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 2 of 3. This might be 3 of 3 as there was a nice variety of PoC. However I can’t remember if this should be 3 of 3 so if it is please let me know.

IMDB: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)




X-Men: Apocalypse | Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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