Podcast Review: “Welcome to Night Vale”

Welcome to the first CFR podcast review!

Welcome to Night Vale logo

Welcome to Night Vale

Yes this is the Chick Flicking Reviews very first podcast review! I’m excited. No it won’t follow the normal review system, but that may change. Since this is the first CFR podcast review, I must begin with the jewel that is Welcome to Night Vale.

*giggle, giggle, LOL, giggle* That is my first thought when I think of Welcome to Night Vale. I don’t remember when I first heard about Night Vale*. I do recall though that it was described as a cross between “Prairie Home Companion and The Twilight Zone heavily marinated in H.P. Lovecraft.” With a description like that, how could I not listen? Plus there were many, many fans at Gen Con who proudly displayed their love of Night Vale and did so with huge smiles on their faces.** There is NEVER an episode where I don’t laugh out loud.

Welcome to Night Vale is a community radio broadcast, informing the residents of the desert town Night Vale, and everyone who cares to listen, about the news of the past few weeks. Topics include everything from Street Cleaning Day***, Librarians****, Girl Scouts*****, and the Dog Park******. The announcer, Cecil, has a magnificent, deep voice, and delivers his news and community announcements without laughing. Which, in my mind, is miraculous because I would have a hard time not laughing if I were reading the same material. Each episode is 20-30 minutes long and is delivered to the hungry public bi-weekly.

In Welcome to Night Vale, you get science, science fiction, and basic community noseyness that will make you smile. You can’t really describe Welcome to Night Vale, you have to experience it. And yes you will laugh. You will!! So click on the Pilot video below and enjoy!

LION PAW PRINTS: 5 of 5. This is GREAT podcasting.

SUBSCRIPTION WORTHY?: OH goodness yes!!!!!


1 – Pilot [CFR: In Addition: Warning! You will become addicted!]

MEET THE FANS – Bloomington, IN [CFR: In Addition: Alas I was out of town and could not be there. So wish I had!]

*I’m looking at you, Sheriff’s Secret Police, for not remembering.

**I’m looking at you again, Sheriff’s Secret Police.

***A day of mass murder in Night Vale.

****A dangerous group.

*****A group in training to be more dangerous.

******You are not allowed in the Dog Park. Your dog is not allowed in the Dog Park

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