TV Review: CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber poster

This is going to be another, for lack of a better term, short review. I just didn’t want to use my usual format. Probably because I don’t really like CSI: Cyber.

I think that reviews reflect the reviewer. So when I say I don’t like CSI: Cyber it is because this show indulges in two things that frustrate me: 1.) Overly dramatic acting/writing; and 2.) Does computer security really work that way?

Ok, 1.) I can talk about. There are many times in this show – at least in every episode I have watched – where the lines are delivered as life or death situations. OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! is my least favorite style of line delivery. To have to hear this in every episode every 5-10 minutes wears thin. Yes we are supposed to sympathize with our heroine, Avery Ryan played by Patricia Arquette, however ok, I’m sorry your computer was hacked but good grief hearing this pain and agony every week is more than I can take. Plus Ryan is the biggest perpetrator of the overly dramatic line delivery.

Now for 2.). I teach computer applications at a university. I know a bit about computers and no, I am in no way a cyber security expert. However when the characters in CSI: Cyber starts to talk about computers my brain cringes and I think “Is that true?” Now this really speaks about me and what I can and can’t handle. I would really like to watch this show with a cyber security expert and if they told me that the information given in the show was accurate, I might like it. Well a bit more. I still can’t handle the overly dramatic line delivery. However in all honesty, if I ever got hacked I would sob.

Now there are fun things about this show. I do like the cast and huzzah to James Van Der Beek who is a very believable agent. Everyone else is good too including Arquette. It’s just, I can’t handle the end of the world line delivery.

So I am no longer watching this show. If you like it GREAT! Enjoy! If the computer science in this show is accurate oh please let me know!

HOWEVER! I do really LOVE the opening shot of the show: Arquette sitting in front of the Lincoln Memorial. OMG!! It just fills me with patriotic fervor and her serious expression makes me think of her as a great super hero off to save the world. Cool.

Patriticia Arquette in the opening of CSI: Cyber tv show.

Arquette looking awesome in a Captain America way. Squee!

My bottom line: If this is your flavor of latte drink deep and enjoy! I’ll be playing Diablo III.



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