Good News: “Ash vs Evil Dead”

OMG. I mean OMG!!!!!! CFR compatriot Mildred sent me an email today that was beyond good news. The subject read: : Sam Raimi Directs Lucy Lawless in new zombie series. WHAT?!?!?! Be still my beating heart!!! Lawless and Raimi and zombies!!!!! Here is a link to the article: Lucy the zombie warrior. But wait there’s more!! ‘Cause when you read the first paragraph you realize that they are working on a series Ash vs Evil Dead! It even has an IMDB page: Ash vs Evil Dead (TV Series 2015 -).

Wait, wait?!?! 2015. Does this mean that this year I might get to see Lawless and  Campbell and Mimi Rogers take on zombies?!?!?! Now THAT’S good news!

I can’t wait!

Ash vs Evil Dead tv show poster

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