TV Review: “Agent Carter”

Agent Carter promo poster

“I didn’t know our government had such good taste in secretaries. What’s your name, darling?” – Millionaire Male Client

“Agent.” – Peggy Carter

OVERALL: This is a fan driven show that makes my heart sing. Hubby LOVES it too. I mean with dialogue like what you read above, how could I not love this show? IT’S PEGGY CARTER PEOPLE!!! A character from Captain America that stole our hearts and got her own show thanks to fan love. So worth it.

This show airs Tuesday nights so turn on your TV and ENJOY!!!

Note that this show airs when Agents of SHIELD usually airs. If Marvel chooses to work these two shows off of each other I am totally FINE with that.

POINTS: This show has everything. Good writing, acting, direction, and technical work. You truly feel like you are back in the 1940s and you are watching spies continue to do their thing. Plus you know that this will lead to the birth of SHIELD and that just has to be good. This show is the grandmother of Agents of SHIELD and I just love it.

PITFALLS: I am bummed that it is still being advertised as an eight part television event. Uh, people, I need/want season two. And three. Along with four, five, six, oh just keep ’em coming!!

FEMALE CHARACTER(S): This show is centered around Agent Peggy Carter wonderfully played by Hayley Atwell. Atwell has charisma and acting chops, which is why the fans wanted her to have her own show. Plus she is acquiring quite the compliment of friends in her boarding house and that makes the show even more fun. We see her, and other women, dealing with the societal restraints of the time both in a “female environment” – the boarding house – and the workplace. ‘Tis excellent.

Here is a link to an article How The Women Behind “Agent Carter” Brought Us TV’s Best Female Hero. It’s a good quick read.

CULTURAL PITFALL(S): This show is about action, adventure, expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and showing us the obnoxious sexism of the time. Even shows discrimination again war veterans with disabilities. We don’t see much racism yet, but I think that will come. And if not in this season then the next please.


1.) The Look. Wow. This show should win awards for design. The post-WWII era is PERFECTLY portrayed. Perfect music, clothes, sets, props. Want to know what the world looked like for your parents and grandparents? Take a look.

2.) Writing. I love how the scenes flow from action to character development with exposition thrown in. The word that comes to mind is tight. Love it.

3.) Acting. Everyone is on top of their game here in this show. No slouches in the lot. Top notch performances that fit perfectly together. Good job everyone.

4.) Jarvis. Ok, I really have to give a big shout out to the butler Edwin Jarvis played by James D’Arcy. I love how this character defies stereotypes and is supportive and smart. I love his devotion to his wife and how sexism is challenged by his enjoying cooking for her. 🙂 I also love that he is smart and loyal and knows when to back up Peggy. He also knows what to say to her to ensure he gets to back her up. Perfect butler. Perfect agent. Well done sir.

5.) Hayley Atwell. Ms. Atwell, I salute you! This show is because of YOU! You were and are such a force in the Captain America universe that the world cried out for more of you! First you got your own Marvel One-Shot Agent Carter. But that wasn’t enough so we got more! Hooray! Eight hours of television. Excellent! Thank you Hayley Atwell and well done!

6.) Sentimental. Ok, I really like the moments when Peggy mourns losing Cap. Wait, let me rephrase that, when she mourns losing Steve Rogers. 🙂 She looks at pictures of Steve BEFORE his Captain America transformation. We know that is the man she loves. It is poignant and right. After all, we see Steve Rogers/Cap mourn her in his movies. It is appropriate. 🙂

BECHDEL TEST (Website): 3 of 3. Thank goodness Peggy has some women friends outside of work!

RACIAL BECHDEL TEST (Website): 0 of 3 or 2 of 3 depending on the episode. Alas, we know the ’40s and ’50s were not good for PoC and that seems to hold true for the show. Thank goodness for some time with the Howling Commandos to bring some PoC into the show.

IMDB: Agent Carter (TV Series 2015-)

OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  Marvel’s Agent Carter

DVD/BLU-RAY WORTHY: Yes. May I own it now please?

LION PAW PRINTS:  4 of 5. Hubby and I can watch it again and again.

TRAILER:  Peggy Carter Gets to Work – Marvel’s Agent Carter Preview 2

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