Horrorible Book Review: “Vaders”

 Enjoy this Monday with Mildred!


Let me preface this by saying I bought this for only a dollar, new, at the Dollar Tree (where not ALL of the $1 books are terrible). Nevertheless, I’m going to complain that this book sucks. 😉

I picked it up because it’s yet another end-of-the-world story, and I thought what the heck. Well, heck, it didn’t make much sense and people did stupid things. Stupid over and over.

Is it just me, or could there be one or two people in the world who could see thousands of people doing something that’s NOT WORKING and decide to try something else?

And the physics often weren’t quite right, which also bugged me.

Still, I read the whole thing because it amused me and I especially liked the rooftop scene (the jerky guy reminded me quite a bit of someone I used to work with, making the scene more fun that it might be for other people), and the kind-of-interesting end. The book is terribly pessimistic in some ways and optimistic in others, so it wasn’t the worst part of the novel.  The worst part is the book as a whole.

NOTE: Mildred hated this book so much she didn’t even give the name of the author. M. looked it up and found it on Amazon. However M. has not linked to it as the Amazon reviews hated it too. M. did, however find the name of the author, R. Patrick Gates, and put a picture of the book cover on this page as a visual warning to all.

Vaders book cover

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